10 Frames Per Second

Have you ever imagined seeing the world through the eyes of a toy? When I was young all I wanted to do was play with toys. The most excited I ever got as a kid was when I got a new action figure. I would proudly display them on my dresser for everyone to see. Fast forward 25 years, and not much has changed. I still get just as excited by the arrival of a new toy-maybe more excited. TEN FRAMES is the culmination of my childhood imagination joining my newfound love for photography. I hope this book will transport you back to being a kid playing with your toys in your room or backyard. As a lifelong toy fan and collector, I've always had wild ideas in my head about how toys can tells stories, and it wasn't until I started taking photos of them that I realized my true passion in life. Follow me and these toys on an adventure across time and imagination, and you'll be reminded of what it's like to believe in worlds where anything is possible.

- Johnny Wu

"lnstagram sensation Sgt. Bananas (a.k.a. Johnny Wu) has amassed a gargantuan following for his photographs depicting action figures starring in glorious, cinematic adventures. This lovingly reproduced collection of Wu's work will take you on a hero's journey through action figure eyes, with appearances throughout from some of pop culture's most beloved and recognized toys."


 Explore the world of toy photography with Johnny,  follow him on this articulated adventure, while he brings plastic and resin to life in jaw dropping stills and prints. Johnny's passion for toys started in his youth, and only advanced with age.